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We are breeders of exceptional toy poodles.  Our poodles are carefully bred to perfection.  They have vibrant colors like mahogany reds and stunning black baby boys and girls.  All of our males and females, before breeding, are checked by a veterinarian to assure quality offspring.  Our moms and dads have extensive championship backgrounds.  We insist on quality puppies to increase the poodle population.  

We are not a kennel and our puppies are raised in our home with us and do not live in cages.  They receive all the love and care needed in resulting in beautiful poodles that are loving and intelligent with sweet personalities. We spend a lot of time with our babies to help them in growing up and letting us live in their homes with them.  When they are being weaned they are given lamb baby food and cereal for building strong bones and healthy coats. 

Our poodles receive the very best food like chicken, beef and natural foods with lots of vitamins for good temperament.  We will ship our puppies from Ontario or Palm Springs Airports and we only use new airline approved crates with toys and soft blankets for comfort.  Since we don't cage our little guys and girls and do live amongst our home, they will be well prepared for a trip.  Sometimes airplane movement and noises can upset a puppy, but all precautions are taken to keep them from being scared. 

We carefully select to whom we sell our little babies too. The most important thing to us is carefully putting each baby into the right home and environment with love and companionship.