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Seller will make every effort to guarantee that every puppy from Redlands Poodles is in good health at the time of adoption.  Because we cannot control the exposure of the puppy after leaving us, we ask that you have your new puppy examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of receiving your puppy.  If you choose NOT to do this, this contract is VOID.  We will not ship a puppy until Seller is certain that the puppy is ready for the trip to your home, puppy is at least 8 weeks old and free from any illness.  Seller will send the puppy’s health certificate and the vaccination record along with the puppy on the flight to your home.  The Buyer understands and agrees that this particular puppy is being sold as a pet only with Limited/Full Registration. When the Seller receives from the Buyer the Veterinarian’s copy of the Certification of Spaying or Neutering, the Buyer will receive the original copy of the AKC registration papers for limited registration.  If it is agreed in writing that the puppy/dog will be used for breeding purposes, a certificate will be issued at the time of purchase for Full Registration, and otherwise Limited will be issued.

Seller warrants the health of the puppy for the first twelve (12) months of life against genetic heredity life-threatening illness (heart, liver, and kidney failure). If ever a replacement puppy is deemed necessary due to one of the above-listed life threatening illnesses, the replacement will be made for the same value puppy, unless the Buyer prefers to pay the difference for a more valuable puppy.  Buyer must return along with all of the registration, immunization papers, etc. along with a letter from a licensed veterinarian stating the type of condition/illness that the puppy is exhibiting in order to determine of a replacement is to be made to the Buyer.

Should a death occur, due to unknown causes, a necropsy must be performed by a licensed veterinarian and a copy of the report forwarded to the Seller before determining if a replacement is to be made.  There will be no cash refunds for any reason, only an exchange of puppy of equal value. All expenses are at the Buyers expense, including the licensed veterinarian’s diagnosis, necropsy if applicable, along with return shipping and the shipping of the replacement puppy. We do NOT guarantee against PARVO or Distemper after 7 days of purchase and receipt of puppy. Puppies are extremely susceptible to infections due to cool drafts.  Another susceptibility of puppies and small dogs is hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which can be brought on by a number of reasons such as not eating properly, or frequently enough, playing too much, the stress of being moved to a new home or just being handled too much.  Puppies can also go through high stress during moves to their new homes, changes in diet as well as too much handling by the owners. This can bring on parasites that can be dormant such as, but not limited to worms and ear mites. Every preventative effort has been made by Seller (worming, shots, and ear cleaning) to guard against these types of problems, but the Buyer should be aware of them possibly occurring. These conditions are all treatable and do NOT warrant a return or exchange of said puppy.

Any adult dog, male or female over 12 months (1 year) old will be “Sold As Is.” All efforts will be made to assure a healthy and happy dog is being provided to the buyer at time of sale as dated on this contract. Small puppies and dogs are very fragile and every precaution should be made in handling them.  Their bones are tiny and they are easily injured.  This contract is NOT applicable for accidental injury to the puppy.  While the Seller will make a good faith effort to estimate the color, possible markings and size of the puppy will be based on past litter and size of the parents. 

Seller does NOT and CANNOT guarantee size, color, markings, temperament, or fertility of a puppy once he or she was inspected at time of purchase.  We represent our puppies as beautiful loving pets.  We have extended a lot of love, care and time prior to the puppy’s adoption.  Buyer should be prepared and ready to continue that same loving care. Any Toy puppy sold with an adult weight projected to be (4) four pounds or less, will be exempt from any health guarantee. Tiny toys and tea cups are very fragile and require special care. We are unable to provide the warranty on a puppy to small in size.

If for any reason, the new owner becomes incapacitated due to illness, accident or other cause, the Seller has the first option to purchase the puppy/dog back.