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We ACCEPT DEPOSITS for those who are looking for a specific puppy that we expect to have in the near future.   A reservation deposit of $200 is required to hold YOUR CHOICE of the litter.  IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC PUPPY PLEASE CONTACT ME. 

Sometimes the seller cannot provide the buyer with a puppy that matches the buyers written criteria, and within the agreed upon time frame, seller with refund the deposit in full.  When puppy is identified, seller will contact buyer at earliest possible time.  Puppy will not be considered sold unless payment is received in full at, or before the time puppy is ready to take home. 



We accept bank transfers, wire transfers, and personal checks.  If you choose to pay with a check, your puppy cannot be picked up or shipped until the check clears, usually 7 business days.  We cannot accept cashiers checks or money orders.

If you need shipping, you will need to add on $400 to the total when you make a payment with us. 

You are welcome to come to our home to see the puppy before making the final decision.  Please read our policy regarding deposits.



We will make all the necessary airline arrangements for your puppy to be shipped NON STOP the nearest major airline nearest you.  It is important not to have layover flights, because, if the connecting flights are cancelled, as many have been recently, the puppy could end up being held over at a destination between us and you.  We ship within the U. S. and Canada.

 During the summer and winter months, airlines restrict live animals to be shipped only when temperatures are between 45 and 85 degrees, either where they are being shipped from, or where they arrive to.  Sometimes a night flight is required in warmer climates, or a day flight in cooler climates.

We will email you or fax you the details, so that you can track the flight if you wish, and the care and handling when your puppy arrives.

The cost of shipping is $300.00. We charge only the actual shipping costs.  When two puppies are purchased and shipped at the same time, the airlines will allow both puppies to be shipped in the same crate at no additional cost.  The cost of shipping includes the following:

  •  Airfare
  •  Airline crate
  •  Soft bedding
  •  Puppy toy
  •  Puppy will have fresh water and food
  •  Sample of food and care instructions
  •  Vaccination and other health records (take these with you to the well-puppy visit)
  •  American Kennel Club registration application