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Dear Redlands Poodles,

Iíve been meaning to send this for the last couple of days but it just kept slipping my mind. I want to let you know how happy we are with our Little Chili Bean. Weíve fallen totally and completely head-over-heels in love with him. He is such a happy little dude -- smart as all get out, full of attitude, eats everything he can fit in his mouth, is wonderfully-rebellious, and gets along very well with my other two dogs. He loves everyone and everyone loves him to pieces. Let me tell ya, this guy is ALWAYS happy! Plus Iím ecstatic with how healthy he is. According to the Vet on Wednesday when he went for another vaccination, he is 2.5 pounds. So far, heís holding his color and his ears are getting darker - letís pray all of his fur does the same. (Did I say how much we love him?)

Iím teaching him to sit, but unless I have little bits of cheese, he says it is not worth his while to cooperate. Also, Iíve purchased a tiny little neon-green leash and use it to take him outside at the store. So far, this is helping with the indoor ďaccidentsĒ that arenít accidents at all Ė he knows where I want him to go, but unless he gets his way, he told me heís gonna go wherever he damn well pleases! No worries though, because heís teaching me and everyone else that heís the BOSS and itís all about him.

Thank you so much for breeding such an absolute Sweetheart of a baby. Please feel free to use this comment if you have any blogs, forums, etc.

By the way, Iíve attached some pictures. I often carry him in my blouse/dress so I can keep an eye on him and control where he does his business. I donít think anything of it since Iíve done this with every puppy Iíve ever had. But, people get a kick out of seeing him there. Some have even asked why I have a stuffed animal in my blouse/dress.


Vera Bucek
President & C.E.O.

Hello Debbie,

This is Samantha Morales, I purchased the male puppy on Dec 20. I just wanted to let you know how Mr. Brodie is doing. He is such a great puppy, he is all up to date with his shots, and received his rabies about 2 weeks ago. He is such a crazy pup, he loves all his toys and he absolutely loves people. Well I just wanted to give you an update on Brodie.

Thank you so much for Brodie!

Take Care


Hi Debbie,

Max is the best thing that ever happened to us. He is adjusting just fine. I take him on two walks a day and one of his favorite things is to sleep with us. He is very funny. We are crazy about him. What a sweet boy.  He is the best little dog I have ever had - so loving. We adore him.

You can visit anytime.

Kathleen and Val and ďMaxi ManĒ

Hi Debbie and Earl,

We've had Buttons over 2 months now and he is doing so well. Everyone thinks he is adorable (which he is, of course). I'm amazed how well he does the "stay" command. Haven't gotten him to "sit" to well, but haven't really worked on that. He stays right on my left heel when I walk him and you have done a great job of that. I have to thank you for such a well behaved little man.

You had said you'd give us his favorite toy when we left, but that was forgotten. I was wondering what that toy was. He isn't very attached to the toys we've gotten him so far. Thought if I knew what it was I could look for one like it here.

He certainly gets excited when I get my car keys and purse and wants to get in the car with us. You're right, he loves to go with us.

We thank you so much for letting us get Buttons. He is perfect for us.

Hope all is well with both of you.

Our best,

Loretta and Bob Francis

"Buttons too"

Hi Debbie,

 Thank you for emailing. Bella is doing great. She is bundle of joy with very good personality.  Last time we got her weighed was several weeks ago and she was 1 lbs. 12 ounce. Not sure how much bigger she gotten since then but I'm sure it is not 2 lbs. yet.  Don't know how much she will grow but I think she will be very small. We love her a lot and she really enjoyed her outing at the park yesterday.  She was running around and had lots of fun.  Anyhow thank you for a great dog and for the email. Attached photo was a little less than a month ago I think.


Barbara Kopp


The puppies that Deborah sells are very cute, and are brought up in very good conditions. I highly recommend Redland Poodles.


Dear Debbie and Earl

I do want to let you know that Chili is doing great and that he is the love of my life. He is with me 24/7. I have a doggie purse and he goes everywhere with me - grocery shopping, restaurants, movies, doctor's appointments - like I said "everywhere". He's never been left alone. He is soooo good and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. The vet said he can't believe what a super personality he has. The vet warned me ahead of time that he would yelp or cry when he gave him his baby shot, but he just continued to lick my hand while I talked to him and he did just fine (no yelp or cry). The vet was surprised.

Everybody just loves him. We do a lot of socializing and he loves people - children and adults. We go on trips - down to San Diego, where one of my daughters lives and he rides in the car beautifully (usually sleeps) - no car sickness. He's been to a couple of "concerts in the park" here in Camarillo. He is the "perfect puppy". I just couldn't be happier. He brings me hours of joy. Of course he also sleeps with me. He not only brings me such happiness but my whole family, friends and everyone we meet. My son Jeff (who you met) and his wife come over every night after work to see Chili and play with him. They just adore him.

Thank you so much for giving me such a bundle of love and joy. You really did good.


Dear Debbie & Earl

Chili is the love of my life. He has the best personality of any puppy. He is so funny and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He's extremely social with all people and animals. (He has gone to puppy school & was a hit with all.)

He's gone to so many functions that I can't start to name them all and he's has been perfect at them all (no barking). I don't have to do anything, he just knows to be quiet. He's so smart. He goes to the show with me, to the restaurants, even the doctors and dentist and on and on. He just knows how to behave. It's unbelievable & yes, somethimes they know & they just make a fuss over him and never ask us to leave because he is so quiet and cute. He's stayed at a hotel (he's paper trained) and he travels so well.  He's flown to San Francisco, Seattle and to Alaska. He got to stay on my lap in the plane because he's so little and again he was so perfect - my little angel sent from God. He's never been left home alone and is so loved.

Thank you so much for my little Chili. Wishing you a very joyous Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Montie Kainz

Dear Earl and Debbie,

I am terribly sorry for e-mailing you so late. We have just been enjoying our puppy so much that we forgot... We decided to name him Milo. If you remember, he was the biggest boy from the litter of Ginger and Benjamin. Milo is extremely playful and sweet. He is fully potty-trained and can do many tricks. He loves napping, playing, and eating treats. He is an amazing dog and we thank you immensely.


   The Bracken's (including Milo)

Sandy Reeves


Debbie is a great teacup poodle breeder and a great person to work with. You will enjoy meeting her and working with her.

Fran Parker Newton


Deborah is very compassion, caring & very professional. Outstanding breeder! I highly recommend Redland Poodles.

Latest update,

This little guy has brought us so much joy again and filled
the hole left in our hearts from our last dog. He is doing fantastic and is extra bright and a super fast
learner on just about everything . Only two accidents in the house since we picked him up
at your house three weeks ago which is amazing and he knows how to sit and shake hands already.

 He loves everyone he comes in contact with and has the
best temperament. We give him tons of love and we are spoiling him rotten
with toys. He weighs exactly two pounds today, so he is tracking to
be about 3 1/2 lbs. at this rate.

Talk to you both soon and Best Regards,

Chuck & Charlotte Coppola

Dear Deborah,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "I have one of Deborah's little red toy poodles. Everyone can't believe how beautiful his color is and that he is so lovable and social. He loves everyone - from small children to senior citizens. They also comment on how that they think of small dogs being barkers and that is doesn't do that, but at home he is a watch dog when someone comes to the door. Everyone who meets him falls "in love with him", even those who say they aren't dog lovers. I think this has a lot to do with the way he began his life with Deborah and her husband Earl in their loving home and where they and their grandchildren played with him and gave him freedom to play with the other puppies and toy poodles instead of putting him in a cage. He continued his freedom and play at my home. With so much love since he came into this world, he is the most perfect little companion you would ever want. I highly recommend Deborah and Redlandspoodles. ďI wouldn't go anywhere else."
Service Category: Raising Red Toy Poodles
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

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