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Sept. 4, 2013

I have nothing but praise for Debbie and Earl. I have spent many hours around their home and have enjoyed their dogs very much. What a happy bunch of doggies they are. Their dogs make their house a home. They have the freedom to run the home at any time. My wife and I have Rusty, who was one of their beloved dogs. We couldn't be happier with that little rascal. You won't make a mistake bringing one of their puppies into your home. Oops! You could make a mistake, if you don't get one of their cuties.

Dennis V.  Upland, CA

Sept. 6, 2013

I contacted Deborah right after we had lost our 15 year poodle. I told her we would like to visit her and see her puppies even though I was not sure that we were ready to get another puppy at that time. She and Earl invited us to their home and showed the love and time they put into their profession of raising incredible poodles. We feel in love with a brother and sister team. We call them Rusty and Ruby. They have been in our home now for a month. They are everything Deborah said they would be. Our vet gave them a perfect bill of health. All the documentation and instruction given to us by Deborah was great. She was dedicated to making sure her puppies were well taken care of. These little guys are incredible and well entrenched in our family. As Deborah advertised they are loving, intelligent, calm yet playful puppies. We traveled from Houston to California because of Deborah's integrity and Earl’s dedication to these little guys. We made the right choice."

Larry Cohen

Nov. 30, 2013

We meet Deb and Earl at their home when we were looking for a new puppy. They were gracious enough to spend almost two hours with us. They showed us the nursery as well as all the detail records they had on the litter. Their devotion to these animals is incredible. It was obvious to me that they raised these animals out of love as opposed to just operating a business. We were so impressed that we bought a brother and sister pair. Both my wife and I grew up having poodles in our house and for the 38 years that we have been married we have always had a poodle. I will say that we have been very fortunate with our animals in that they have been great. This pair of poodles that we call Rusty and Ruby though is amazing. Their attributes as far as their intelligence and loving nature is without compare. I could not imagine having any finer set of friends than these guys. I would recommend Redlands Poodles without hesitation to anyone who wants a perfect pet.

Larry Cohen

December 19, 2013

Debbie and Earl treat there dogs and puppies with much love. They live with them in their home and not in a kennel. The puppies are absolutely beautiful as are their parents. I would buy one in a minute.

Janet Pratt   Toledo, OH

January 26, 2014

Redlands Poodles are some of the highest quality and "Sound Red Poodles " I've seen in over 30 years of pet grooming. As a master groomer I can attest to very nice coat quality and temperament. The Villard’s know their breeding business and stick to high standards and produce a high quality pup. High five Redlands Poodles!

Kris Perez Icmg

January 28, 20014

It took me almost 2 years to finally find Redlands Poodles. My first contact with them was with Earl. Ever time I spoke to Earl, He spoke with sincere love and knowledge. His love and pride for his pups was what first hooked me! His sincerity and tenderness was in contrast to many other breeders I had interviewed. Some came off loving at first. However, the more comfortable they became with me, the more they revealed their less than favorable practices with their Sire, Dames and pups. Debbie is also an educated breeder with complete love for her babies. I have spoken to every breeder that had a potential pup for me throughout my 2 year search. I even spoke to breeders of dogs I wasn't interested in just to ask questions and become educated on breeders in general. I asked questions that helped me to discover the true quality of their breeding program. It is amazing how difficult it was for me find a quality breeder. Earl and Debbie cared for my puppy, CANDY, like a grandchild, not a product. For me, TEMPERAMENT IS EVERYTHING! Only good and thoughtful breeding creates this quality. My special angle, CANDY, will be 1 year old in April. We, have recognized, as well as, every single person who has encountered her, CANDY has a fabulous temperament. She is calm, intelligent, loving and happy to give kisses. She NEVER barks! I should say, rarely. Her biggest compliment given on a regular basis is, "CANDY has such a great temperament!" She is the best dog I have EVER had. I recommend Redlandspoodles with confidence.

Lisa Bonaccorso, New Jersey

January 28, 2014

Both Deborah and Earl are so dedicated to the highest quality of care for their dogs. I wish that all breeders were as loving and caring ...and capable of bringing such bundles of joy into this world. Their home is immaculate and the care they give these little ones, is second to none.

Mikki Moore, Redlands

Jan. 30, 2014

I have seen first hand how Debbie and Earl take care of their dogs and it is with the utmost care and love. They are not caged. They live with them in their home. They breed for quality and not quantity and it shows in the way they handle their puppies. They have been involved with toy poodles for over 45 years and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase one of their gorgeous little babies.

Linda W.,   Cincinnati, Ohio

February 1, 2014

I have been to their house and their nursery. It is top notch. The dogs are very well taken care of, and looks beautiful. You could not ask for better care!

 Margarite Marie G.